Amazing !! Cat cleans the kitchen on a Roomba


Cat cleans the kitchen on a Roomba

You might have seen so many videos on internet about pet cats but this is one of the greatest videos on the internet and something which you might have never seen before. Most women do not like dusting and cleaning the house by their own, but a cat loves to do so. In this video you can see a cat is cleaning the kitchen.

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This video features a cat wearing shark clothes and cleaning the kitchen on a roomba. Roomba is a type of vacuum cleaner and it is sold by iRobot. It is able to change direction on encountering obstacles, as you can see in this video the cat is sitting on it and it turns automatically when encounters cabinets and other stuff placed in the kitchen. Roomba uses two independently operating wheels that allow 360 degree turns. The cat in this video is wearing shark clothes and looks very cute. It rides on a roomba vacuum and cleans the kitchen. Then a lady in yellow shorts enters in the kitchen and takes the husk off of the corncob placed on the shelf in the kitchen. Cat goes from one end to other and then turns around cleaning the floor on a roomba. At about .58 seconds cat gets her head hit into the fridge and at about 1.01 seconds, into the dustbin. She gets two hits to the face in a row. It made me laugh and every-time i laugh so hard when i watch this.

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That’s a Roomba vacuum cleaner to us but it seems like a segway to the cat. In the middle cat gets down and roomba keeps on working. That lady offers her a corncob. Once that lady is done with the corncobs then she turns the roomba of. A dog enters into the kitchen and that lady kisses him and walks away. Surprisingly dog does not attack cat. Friendship between a dog and a cat is something which is very rarely seen, and it is incredible also. The cats are active all the day but slightly more active at night because of their excellent night vision. But house cats may be more active in the morning and evening, as a response to greater human activity at these times. The house cats are very intelligent and live longer then other cats. Their life expectancy at birth is around 12 to 14 years but few cats live even longer and reach into their 30s.

No doubt this is the coolest cat on this planet and is very famous on internet with millions of views for this video. Thanks for watching this video on and i hope you liked it.

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