Watch which wins !! Contest between a tractor and traction engine

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Contest between a tractor and traction engine- Watch this video to know which technology has more power and ability to pull other one. This is contest between a John Deere tractor and an old technology traction engine. The people who do farming or love machines will certainly going to like this video and gonna watch it again and again. I know there is a no contest between a diesel engine tractor and a powerful steam engine but still it is very interesting and entertaining to watch the war between two centuries.While the traction engine is stopped, the green John Deere tractor pulls it with no problem but the time it gets started and starts applying force, the tractor is like coming on its knees. Traction engine pulls the tractor very easily and the tractor starts losing ground. When the tractor runs alone, it gives good demonstration of its power but all its power fails when it comes to competing with traction engine.


But it’s all about physics, torque has actually little to do with it in this situation but yes, weight does. Since that steam powered tractor has far more mass than the John Deere tractor, it has more weight, it applies a greater force on the ground. More force from the tractor on the ground means more friction. More friction means results in a greater ability to pull on the other tractor without sliding through the mud. Most probably the John Deere tractor would never win. A typical 18 HP 1904 case traction engine weighed 14,250 pounds, over 7 tons. The John Deere probably weighs 2 tons tops. Even if it was 3.5 tons, it could still not win. Since the wheels are clearly losing grip. And this is just the thing, the old tractor has so much grip thanks to the huge weight.

Let’s talk little about traction engine, it is a self-propelled steam engine used to move heavy loads on roads, plough ground or to provide power at a chosen location. They became popular from around 1850 and after many decades steam engines were replaced by internal combustion engines.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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