Amazing !! How is he still alive ? Could it be magic with James More


Could it be magic with James More

I have seen so many magicians performing live on the stage in front of huge audience but James More is different and has some serious and incredible talent. He performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent 2013 and left everyone speechless. He gets killed with a sword, but he is still alive, unbelievable ! This is the only performance video from Britain’s Got Talent 2013, which has millions of YouTube views and about more than 35,568 likes. I am really surprised, how did he do this ? I found it quite interesting and entertaining, hence i am sharing it with you guys.

A handsome guy comes on the stage and tells his name James More, when asked by one of the judges. He is just 24 years old. He tells that he does it just for magic and he has been doing this since he was just 8. Then judges say best of luck to him and expect an amazing and entertaining performance from him. James starts the show, he does some sharp dance moves and picks a piece of cloth from the floor, that piece of cloth goes straight to the left when James leaves it in the air. Then a girl beings that piece of cloth and a sword to James. He does fix that sword into a holder pointing the sharp edge upward. Then two men wearing black clothes, make him lay down on the sharp edge of the sword and rotate him clockwise. James is like lying on the bed. It seems like he feels very comfortable even more than when he sleeps on his bed. Then something scary happens, the sword gets through his body and James dies. Everyone starts screaming while watching him dead because of sword gets through. After few seconds happiness comes back on the faces of audience and judges when two men gets him down from over the sword and James becomes alive and starts dancing. He gets huge round of applause from all the viewers and all of the judges say yes for his performance and he is through for the next level.

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He performed very well in the next levels as well but unfortunately he could not finish first. But he entertained the people with his magic and amazing tricks. There are other so many videos of him on internet performing different magic tricks.

Thanks for watching this awesome magic trick video and i hope you guys liked it.

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