Must Watch !! Dog protects child from mother

Dog protects child from mother


Parents always care and protect their babies but there is another guardian for them to protect, dog. The most widespread form of inter-species bonding occurs between humans and dogs and the keeping of dogs as companions, particularly by elites, has a long history. Dogs are one of the faithful animals on this planet and we have heard so many times in news about dogs protecting their owners. This video of dogs protecting a kid from mother while she pretends to hit him, has racked up one million YouTube views.

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In this video a mother pretends to hit her child with a slipper. But two dogs come in the way and stops her from beating the kid. Dogs bark at her and stop her hand with their mouth. They both try to save the kid. That lady sends both the dogs away and again pretends to hit her kid, again the dogs come there and protect the kid. They show liability to their owner lady as well, as dogs just keep on barking at her, none of the dogs even try to bite her or attack her. One dog try to grab the slipper away from her. It is very heat touching to watch these dogs trying to protect the kid from the anger of his mother.

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We have seen so many videos of dogs protecting and playing with little kids, but sometimes kids can get infected from dogs, dogs can harm their soft skin. Anyways we can let our pet dog play with our baby but we should always take care of them by ourselves, keep your dog always clean and neat and at regular intervals take your dog to the doctor for health checkup so that your kid will be safe from any infection while playing with your pet dog.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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