Never underestimate the power of babies….This father found out the hard way!


Father goes into baby crib –This wonderful video shows the special bond between a father and his daughter. The father goes into his baby’s crib to make her sleep for a while. The little kid’s name is Michela. She is very cute and sweet. People like such kind of cute videos of kids as only on YouTube it has racked up millions of views and in addition, it has received about 52,568 likes.

I myself have watched it so many times and i find it the most wonderful video of the world which shows the love between a father and a daughter. Hence, i have shared it with you guys, hope you like it. The video was recorded by the camera mounted over the crib. A little cute baby is standing in the crib holding the grill of the crib and she keeps on crying.

Her father tries to lay her down and tries to make her sleep but she does not go to sleep and keeps on crying. She again manages to stand on her feet holding the grill of the crib. Then her father kisses her and decides to go into her crib to make her sleep for a while.


When he gets into the crib then the cute little girl lays down over his belly and calms down to fall asleep. This is so cute watching this little girl felling relaxed while with her father. When her father finds her asleep then he wants to get out of the crib but her daughter does not let him get out of the crib. She holds him and keeps on falling over his belly to lay down. After some time when father again tries to come out and puts her on one side, she starts crying and the father gives up the ides of coming out and again decides to stay with her in the crib.

I was wondering that the crib did not break because of the weight of that man. Really, this is one of the most wonderful videos i have ever seen about kids emotions. Thanks for watching this beautiful video and i hope you guys liked it.

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