This Is What Happens When A Woman Hits A Man In Public.

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This Is What Happens When A Woman Hits A Man In Public.

We all know what happens when a man abuses any woman in public. The reaction of the public towards that man is predictable, but do you know what happens when any woman hits a man in public ? Just watch this video, and you guys will come to know about the reaction of the public towards that woman. This video contains a strong message and truth about the equality of men and women in the society. Within few days this video has racked up about a million YouTube views.

The video was intentionally made with the help of three hidden cameras on the street of London. The date it shows on the screen is May 16, 2014. You can see so many people are sitting on the grass inside the roundabout, on chairs and some are walking across the street. Then a couple comes there arguing with each other. The man is forcing the lady to talk to her but the woman is not interested and asks him to get his hands off, but the man does not stop. When people around there watch all this, they just raise their voice against this violence by that man. People asks that man not to harm that lady and threaten him to call police. The public reacts immediately. This is what happens when a man abuses a woman and now just see the other face of the public, how they react when any woman abuses a man.

This time again same couple comes there but this time the situation is different. Now the woman is forcing the man to talk to her and when man refuses to listen to her then she starts hitting him. But this time no one from the public raises voice against this violence. People sitting around there just keep on looking at them and seems like enjoying the violence. They all just keep on smiling.

Near the end of the video you can read on the screen that 40% of domestic violence is suffered by men.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys understood the message given in this video. I would try to share more videos like this one with you guys.


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