Cooking Hack !! How to cut tomatoes like a ninja


How to cut tomatoes like a ninja-If you want to finish cutting tomatoes quickly all at same time, watch this video. This video is really helpful in learning a kitchen tip and this tip is really perfect for small cherry tomatoes. In this video a man demonstrates a quick and safe way to cut several small tomatoes at a time using a sharp knife and plates. People are liking this video on internet as it has racked up million of views and thousands of likes as well.You can cut lots of cherry tomatoes for salad. Even though the man is telling the whole procedure, but still i am writing it here for you guys to understand it more clearly. If you cut single tomato at a time, it takes long time to cut so many and you also got to be very careful not to cut your fingers. So here is a simple, safe and easy way to cut tomatoes.

Take the tomatoes and put them on a plate then take another plate and turn it upside down and place it on top. There should be a gap in-between the plates. Next, take a sharp knife, hold the top plate in place and carefully run the knife in-between the plates making sure to cut away from yourself. Then take the upper plate off and you see everyone of the tomatoes is cut nicely in half and these tomatoes are ready to be served as salad.

There are other so many videos by this man which are really helpful in cooking. By watching suck kind of videos and after learning awesome cooking tips, you can make cooking easy. Chopping vegetables is one of the most difficult task in cooking and this time this man has made that little easy for you by teaching this simple and amazing cooking tip. Make sure to share it with your friends and try to use it by your own while cooking. Soon i will share other cooking tips videos with you guys.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys enjoyed watching this video.

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