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Is it real or fake

There are so many amazing people living on this planet. One of them is a German engineer Bruno Kammerl. He built the biggest water-slide on earth. This video was first posted on internet in August 2009, since then, this video is racking up millions of YouTube views. In addition to the views, the video has received about 10,000 likes as well. It’s undoubtedly been a successful viral video.

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It shows a man shooting down a water-slide, flying off a ramp and landing in a small tiny pool. Actually a German engineer Bruno Kammerl came up with an idea to built world’s biggest water-slide. A thin plastic sheet is paved onto the ground. Before the stuntman starts sliding on it, two men throw water on plastic sheet to make it slippery and friction-less. Teen stuntman slides on it and he flies off a ramp attached to the other end of plastic sheet, he travels long distance in the air and lands into a small padding pool safely, making it the biggest successful water-slide ever on this earth. After safe landing his friends congrats him for this amazing stunt.

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People are enjoying this video but some of them are debating whether it’s real of fake. So let me tell you that all you doubters are right, it’s fake. The video has been edited, many clips are combined together to crate a final video. Beautiful editing has been done on this video to make it look like real. Actually this video was created as an ad for Microsoft’s Office Suite Project 2007.

There is one more clip on internet which i have not uploaded here, that clip shows the initial moments of this video that how it was made. The stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. The body which is flying through the air, is animated. And in the end when he lands into the pool, actually in reality, he jumped from the wooden ramp directly into the pool without flying through the air. So this is how the video was created. But besides all this, it became internet hit video. The video was actually created to promote Microsoft’s Project in Germany only, but when it was first uploaded on few websites, it got very good response, even more then expectation, later on this video was posted on many websites and it became very popular on internet all around the world. Anyways, it is a beautiful work done by their whole team. Instead of finding it’s reality, just enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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