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Just Can’t Believe These Bowling Trick Shots Are Real

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Just Can’t Believe These Bowling Trick Shots Are Real

This video was made by Dude Perfect, a YouTube channel. The bowling tricks shown in this video are rally awesome and unbelievable. All these shots are made by Jason Belmonte, an Australian ten-pin bowler. He is a professional player on the PBA tour in the U.S. All these shots are made magically with perfection. In this video the dude perfect group set the world record for the longest bowling shot. The video has been uploaded couple of weeks ago and it is racking up millions of YouTube views like any other video by Dude Perfect. In addition, it has received about 48,568 likes as well.

In the whole 6 minutes lengthy video, the group plays different kind of bowling shots and each of the played shots is really amazing and awesome. The show begins with the very first shot by Jason. After that more and more amazing shots come after one another. The group is having lots of fun too. When a group member introduces Jason then Jason asks whether he is using any mike to speak in, but that is not mike, that is just a torch light, very funny. After every shot they jump around screaming with joy and happiness. Let me share one thing here with you guys that Jason is known for using the rare two handed shovel style to deliver his shot. It gives double power and double spin to the ball.

If we talk about Dude Perfect group, the group is very famous on YouTube consisting six friends. They all are former high school basketball players and roommates at university. They started this channel in 2009. Till now they have uploaded about 114 videos and each video has racked up millions of views. They have worked with many athletes and have set up many world records as well in their videos. The history of this group is very interesting, which you can read on internet. Anyways the video is really awesome and the song played in the video is “Ready set go”, awesome track.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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