Hilarious!! This 4 Year Old Called 911, And You Won’t Believe Why!


Kid calls 911 for help with homework


This funny video features a little kid calling on emergency no. 911 for help with his math homework. This is really hilarious video and one of the best and cute videos i have ever seen on internet. This video will certainly make you laugh. It has racked up millions of views on internet and in addition it has received thousands of likes as well.

A 4 year old little kid calls 911 for help. He is having some problem with his math homework so he dials emergency telephone number. The whole conversation between the kid and the operator is really cute. When kid gets connected with the operator then kid tells him that he is having some problem with his math homework.


Operator misunderstands math as mouth but the kid corrects him on it. When operator asks him for the location, kid lives on, kid asks him to solve the problem on phone only. The kid tells him the problem he is facing with math. The operator is very kind to him through the whole conversation and talks to the kid with patience and very politely. In between his mother shouts and asks him what he is doing over the phone. The innocent kid replies very cutely that a policeman is helping him out with his math problem. His mother shouts on him for his this action of dialing 911. The kid says that you have asked me to take somebody’s help when required, mother says with anger ” but i did not mean the police”. This whole conversation is really funny and cute.

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Let me tell you little about 911. It is the emergency telephone number for the North American Numbering Plan one of eight N11 codes. People can use this number in emergency circumstances only and to use it for any other reason can be a crime. As this time a little kid has dialed this number so no actions were taken against him. Some people argue that it is a fake video, but according to me by the age of 4 it’s perfectly normal for kids to speak and have a conversation. Secondly kids are kids, they can and will do things, they grow up fast and pick up on things quickly. By 4 it’s not hard for them to pick up a phone and dial 911, a number so easy for them to remember. So please do not make wrong comments and just enjoy this video.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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