Amazing !! Super Security Car

Super Security Car


In this interesting video a car is being tested by “Ares Security Vehicles” company. It is a largest and specialized manufacturer of high security and bulletproof cars. These kind of high security cars are used by military and peacekeeping forces, border patrols, police forces, security companies, ministers, embassies and other individuals working in high risk environment. The car in this video which is being tested is ASV VR7 Landcruiser and the video was recorded in July 2011

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Around 301 bullets are fired on car from all angles to ensure that the car is fully protected and meets the requirements of BRV2009 level 7. In first shot the bullet is fired on front glass and the bullet does not pass through. It just leaves its mark on the mirror. So it ensures that the person sitting inside the car is protected. They are firing bullets (7.62×51 M80 and 5.56×45 SS109) on all over the car from each side but none of the bullets passes through. You can see the marks of the bullets on all over the body shell of the car. They take inside view as well while the car is being shot with bullets. This scene looks wonderful. Even the glass does not brake. Once the car successfully resists the attack by bullets then they check the security by exploding 2 HG85 fragmentation hand grenades. They explode the grenade on car’s roof and it damages the outer body shell of the car little bit, then they keep another fragmentation grenade under the floor but both the explosions do very little damage just to outer shell of the body, none of those grenades do any kind of damage inside the cabin. Then they try by keeping 2DM31 AP mines under the floor of the car and the car even passes this test as well. It just jumps very low in the air but does not get damaged by landmine explosion. Then finally they try with 12.5kg of PETN at 4m to the side. It is the biggest blast done till now but nothing happens to the ASV VR7 Landcruiser. This car successfully resists every explosion and finally when the car meets all the requirements of BRV2009 level 7 all around and from all angles then they certify this car as a high security car.

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Engineers check every single point while making such kind of high security cars. All welded sections are doubled up so that no heat-affected steel is exposed to a direct shot. The gearbox area is also shielded by an under-belly plate and a full additional underside protection is available to further increase the resistance to land-mines and other explosive threats. After watching this video there is absolutely no doubt about the quality of these high security cars but obviously these cars are very expensive.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you like this High Security ASV VR7 Landcruiser.

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