Must Watch !! Little Japanese girl with amazing talent


Little Japanese girl with amazing talent

Talent has no age limit, even some little kids have incredible talents. Some people are blessed by God with amazing talent since their childhood and most people get talent after learning and practicing something. This amazing video is featuring a little Japanese girl showing her hands on an electric guitar.

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This little Japaneses girl has some serious talent, she plays guitar even better than most of us who play guitar. She is just 8 year old and her name is Li-sa-X. She plays “Scarified” by “Racer X” very beautifully with perfection. She is very cute. She is sitting on a sofa with a guitar even bigger than her. In the beginning she thumbs up to the camera and then starts playing electric guitar. Her little fingers are moving so fast on the guitar. In between she looks up and gives her innocent smile. In the end when she finishes, she looks too cute when gives smile to the camera.

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She is influenced by Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert. Both are world class and very famous musicians. Both of them would be so proud of her. Credit goes to her parents as well who supported her all the way through and still supporting her in her passion and talent. One day she will be a start no doubt, though she already is. The way she plays the guitar easily, proves how heavy metal is easy to play. She showed pure performance a few of felling. She’s definitely over the average skills. I love how she looks up and gives her innocent smile and then again concentrates on guitar. She is really outstanding. If we talk more about kids with amazing talents, then i would just say that whenever you think you are good at something, there is always a kid out there to humiliate you. I am sure you are really impressed by the talent of this little Japaneses girl.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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