Very funny !! Monkey fights with Tigers

Monkey fights with Tigers


On Discovery and National Geographic channels we have always seen Tigers killing other animals. Tiger is one of the strongest animals on this planet and would you believe if i say that a monkey can beat tigers ? It looks out of imagination that how can a small animal like monkey can beat the big and strong animal like tiger, but it is true. You will be surprised when you will watch this video. This is very funny video as well, i am sure that you could not stop laughing while watching it.

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The video was recorded by a channel’s team. There are two tigers in this video. One small tiger is playing and his name is Sua. Without any warning an enemy comes to Sua, second tiger is none other but the younger brother of the former. They start playing with each other and continue to play unaware that they are just under a tree where a monkey is going to beat them up. When a monkey whose name is tallon finds tigers in his region then he starts teasing them. He hits them on their back and on head. He jumps form one tree to another very fast. Tigers try to catch him but could not reach to him. At times the two tigers becoming dangerous believe that the storm is over and take to their games again but tallon will not give up. He keeps on teasing them. Tallon touches their tails and climbs up on the tree, when tigers look back then tallon hits them on their heads. He makes them confused and puzzled. Then one of the tigers hide behind a tree to attack tallon as they always do when they go for hunting. Tallon comes down and search for him, immediately he finds him and the tiger follows him to catch but tallon climbs up on a tree.

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He is hanging on the branches and tiger jumps to catch him but again fails. When tiger gets tired and sit for a while then monkey pulls his ear and goes away. Monkey seems like enjoying himself while teasing tigers. He seems like he does not want to end this fight. Then suddenly the branch of the tree breaks down the monkey was hanging on, then one tiger steps forward to catch him but fortunately tallon saves his life by climbing up on another tree. Both the tigers try their best but then finally decide to leave the area of tallon. On the other hand monkey seems disappointed with the end of the fight as he seems like he wants to continue it.

Thanks for watching this funny video of Monkey vs Tigers fight and i hope you like it and enjoyed it a lot.

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