OMG!! Woman thief using underwear to steal beers dumbest ( cctv Video )


Asian woman using underwear to steal beers

I don’t believe someone can be so fool to steal something from a store with security cameras installed. An Asian woman was caught on camera while stealing beers from a store. Such kind of dumb criminals call cops on themselves and there is nothing funnier than a dumb criminal. But i must admire her for hiding a whole box of beers, whereas it is very difficult to hide even a single beer cane.

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Security camera captured two women and a man shopping in a store. One lady is wearing a loose dress. The man is holding a bucket in his hands. The lady wearing loose dress pick up something and gives that to the man. Then she takes something out from her mouth and whether she is hiding it or doing something else inside her dress, i could not understand, even after watching this video several times. Then she takes a whole box of beers and hides it under her loose dress, and then she walks away. I don’t understand, where did she hold it under her dress. Even after hiding the box she is walking like normal. It is very difficult to judge that she is hiding something between her legs. Really incredible way of hiding something.

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I am sure there might be something already attached between her legs to hold the box. And nobody can see it, while you are wearing loose and full dress. But the only mistake she made, she chose this store to steal beers, where security cameras are installed everywhere. After hiding the box she behaves very normally like nothing has happened. The way she did hide the box, she looks professional but as she ignored the camera, she is dumb and an idiot thief. After hiding it they start looking for other stuffs. I think these dumb thieves might have been caught by store owners. I am not admiring her what she is doing, but i am really impressed by the way she hides beers.

I always think about why people commit crimes ? Is it because of the poverty  or the society around them ? I can understand if someone steals food, but stealing alcohol ! can not be justified anyhow. Criminals should get punished but according to the laws and law should be different for different crimes. We can not put every criminal in one category. Some people steal something for what they really need to survive, whereas some people commit crimes, which are not at all acceptable.

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