1:17 am - Monday August 19, 2019

Impressive !! Pen beats by Shane and Kevin

Pen beats by Shane and Kevin

The world is full of talented people. We watch so many talent shows on TV and so many videos on internet in which awesome people show their amazing talents and entertain us. This time in this video you guys will watch a different kind of talent. No doubt, producing music by using musical instruments requires talent and skills, but what if someone produces music without using musical instruments ? In this video you gonna watch two friends producing music by using pens, scale and desk. I am sure these guys gonna make you crazy.

The video starts with a boy holding two pencils in his both hands and he laughs at something. Then their names come on the screen, it’s Kevin Ke and Shane Bang. They both are friends and they both produce music using these little things. They have one more friend who produces their videos, Naoki Hisamoto. Then that boy starts tapping pencils and other guy produces noise by using a scale and then he joins the first one, picks the pencils and starts tapping those onto the desk. They make really lovely noises and it is just like they are playing drums. Sometimes they use their hands too to make noises. This is really something amazing and entertaining i have watched ever.

There are other so many videos of them on YouTube uploaded by Shane Bang, playing pen beats and tapping. But one thing is common in their videos that they have not shown their faces in any video. As i checked Shane Bang’s Facebook page, he writes that he will show his face in the upcoming video very soon. Shane Bang has turned 18 few months back and now they both are working with Disney. Shane Bang also writes one more thing about pen beats that ” I hit pens really weirdly on desks to make as many weird noises in weird combinations as possible”.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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