Amazing !! Smartest dog in the world


Smartest dog in the world

In this video you gonna watch a most well trained and intelligent dog on this planet. Its name is Jumpy. He follows all the instructions given by his owner and performs amazing stunts which most of us can not even think about. This dog has become very popular on YouTube with millions of views. In addition, this video has received thousands of likes as well. If you remember you might have watched this video on a news channel also. Jumpy has become a national star.

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His owner Von Muller is a Los Angeles-based professional dog trainer who has been working with Jumpy since he was a puppy. In this video Jumpy does the same, Von asks him to do. He follows all of Von’s instructions. When Von asks Jumpy to crouch, he does the same. Besides following instructions Jumpy performs some amazing stunts as well. Among all the sports he plays, skateboarding his favorite, as told by his owner Muller. Jumpy does a back flip. He jumps off the walls. He has other specialties such as extreme high jump, skateboarding, dancing, acting, diving into the pool, fly ball, weaving through cones, Frisbee and some other amazing tricks. Following his owner’s instructions, Jumpy walks slow and steady, backs off and most interesting thing is when Von asks him not to look at the object placed in front of him, Jumpy immediately turns his face and starts looking other side. Von instructs him to get the object when he will say three. Von says different numbers but Jumpy gets the ball when Von says three.

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He can leap through the air to impressive heights, he can ride a scooter, the list of his stunts goes on and on and on. Because of his talent Jumpy has appeared in music videos and commercials. His owner has worked hard to train him. Muller tells that it takes time to train a dog to perform stunts like Jumpy. He has revealed some basic training tips, he told that it starts from jumping from a table to a chest, and you work a few yards away and keep stretching the distance. He told that once Jumps jumps on the skateboard, it’s hard to get him off, as it has become his favorite sport. Muller has seven other dogs in the family and all of them are well trained and highly talented.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked Jumpy.

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