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Ultimate fail compilation of 2013

This is an amazing fail compilation of the month September 2013. I found it quite entertaining, so i am posting this best fail compilation for you guys. Most of the clips have been created intentionally and some of those happened naturally. Like any other fail compilation video, it has also racked up millions of YouTube views, in addition, it has received about 50,000 likes.

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In the beginning you watch a racing car getting crashed into the side grills on the track and jumps into the water. Then more entertainment begins with second clip. A boy gets the little stick deep into his tongue and when he pulls it out, blood comes out from his tongue. In another clip a car driver crashes his car into another car parked before his car. He intentionally hits the parked car again and again. A drunk man is carrying his luggage on the airport, but can not walk properly and falls onto the ground. A man is trying to climb on the drain pipe on the side of a wall but the pipe breaks from the top and that boy falls down and gets hurt badly.

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Another man is trying his hands on a gun, but hurts himself while shooting. You can see the blood all over his nose and forehead. An athlete jumps through the window but gets his feet touched to the upper part of the window covered with a glass. He breaks that all and hurts his feet. A lady throws a flower bouquet towards her back from over her head, where other ladies are standing to catch it. But one of ladies falls on the ground while trying to catch the bouquet. A man gets hurt while trying to fly near the ground during paragliding. A guy loses balance while trying to drift on the bike. A guy hurts himself while trying to do a back flip on a small thin wall. A police boat hits another boat, looks like police is chasing someone. A man breaks his bike while trying to load it into a mini truck. A man is doing hand stand and loses balance. You can imagine how much pain he might felt while landing on the floor. There are other so many clips compiled in this video which are really entertaining.

Thanks for watching this awesome and entertaining compilation and i hope you liked it.


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