Amazing: When Music And Fire Combined!


What happens when music meets fire


Some guys decided to take the Rubens’s tube to the next level by building a 2D Pyro Board with 2500 holes. This amazing video is all about this experiment of fire with sound. Lots of people are showing their interest in watching this video as it has already racked up millions of YouTube views and numbers are still increasing. It has received 24,000 likes as well.

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You may have seen Rubens’ tube before and that is basically a pipe with bunch of holes in it and you pump in a flammable gas and light it on fire so you basically create a row of burners. What’s really cool is to play some sounds into the tube and you can actually set up standing waves, that is there are areas that are patterns of vibration of the air, where there is lot of vibration in some parts and not very much vibrations on other parts. Now that affects the flow rate of the gas inside that tube into the atmosphere so it affects the heights of those flames, so basically you an visualize the standing wave pattern.

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This experiment was done in Denmark by the team of chemistry and physics demonstrators. They build a 2D Pyro Board with 2500 holes. They light it up and then play some sound to find the standing waves. The sound waves are transmitted through a flammable gas creating alternating high and low pressure zones. This creates the flame pattern. The pressure variations due to the sound waves affect the flow rate of flammable gas from the holes in the Pyro Board and therefore affect the height and color of flames. This is really amazing to watch these standing flame waves. This music is given by Kevin Macleod.

Thanks for watching this awesome video and i hope you liked this experiment.

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