6:40 pm - Monday June 18, 2018

OMG Incredible !! Ships surviving massive storms

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Ships surviving massive storms –¬†This is really an incredible video of ships surviving massive hurricanes. You will watch about 10 ships in this video which include boats, cargo ships, navy seal ship, cruise and some other ships. Fortunately all these ships survived and no one was injured because of the massive storms. This video of ships has racked up millions of YouTube views and in addition, it has received about 3,456 likes as well. There are other so many videos of ships surviving storms but i found this one really incredible among all others. Hence, i am sharing it with you guys, hope you people like it.

In the beginning you see a small boat is¬†moving and a man is standing on the weather deck and looking at the water waves coming towards the boat. Within short time the waves reach and flows from over the boat, the man standing on the weather deck moves fast towards the cabin and the time waves cover the whole boat, i am not pretty sure whether that man managed to go inside the cabin. But when boat comes up, that man is not there so it means he managed to enter inside the cabin. I can say this because according to the news, the whole crew of the boat was safe. The boat is rolling from side to side and pitching up and down like a see-saw. Same happens with all the ships during massive storm. There is a clip in this video which shows the inside view of a ship. Because of storm when ship rolls from side to side the furniture is also moving from side to side and the people are dragged left and right. You can see people are helping each other by holding each other’s hands. The camera stays in the same orientation as the rest of the boat and it seems like the furniture is moving magically. There is a Russian ferry in this video with used cars parked on it’s deck. And because of unbalanced ship, cars are hitting each other. It’s a usual way of car shipping in Russia.

There is a risk associated with everything we do, whether we are travelling in a car, airplane, train or in a ship. So we should not scare of anything.

Thanks for watching this incredible video and i hope you guys liked it. In future i will share more incredible videos with you guys.


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