Amazing !! Squirrel steals model airplane

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Squirrel steals model airplane –This is the first time you will watch a squirrel pilot flying airplane, not only flying it but stealing it from a human and then doing stunts in the air and at last landing it safely. Don’t get confused, first of all let me clarify that it is a fake video, just made for entertainment. The video was uploaded 5 months ago on a “hobbywars” YouTube channel. On this channel you will find videos of only airplanes. The video is entertaining millions of people on internet all around the world. Even i found it quite entertaining, hence, i am sharing it with you guys, hope you people will like it.

In the beginning you see a man telling about the aircraft. He explains how he has made it, how it works and the purpose behind building it. The model aircraft has very sophisticated electronic leveling system built in. It also has a camera attached at the front to capture the rear view when you fly it. The unique thing about this aircraft is that it has manual controls. All of the model airplanes do not have manual controls, those are controlled through a remote but this is one has manual, it means it needs a pilot physically present on this aircraft to fly it. As you can see it is a small model aircraft, so important thing is who will be the pilot for this flight. That man gives the demonstration of the controls and you can see the wings are moving to make the plane move in different directions the pilot wants to move it in just like real airplane. Then man makes the plane ready for a test flight but other man behind the camera reminds him of something which he has forgotten in the truck. He keeps the plane on the ground and walks to bring the forgotten thing. In a mean time a squirrel comes and sits in the aircraft. Squirrel starts it and makes it fly into the sky. The man runs behind but the aircraft goes out of  his approach. The squirrel performs some stunts as well. Then after some time squirrel lands the aircraft safely. The man feels happy after getting his aircraft back.

As i already mentioned that it is a fake video and it is made just for fun, so please don’t submit wrong comments.

Thanks for watching this amazing entertaining video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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