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Little girl and sea lion – This is a heart touching video of a little girl and a sea lion. In this video you will watch a sea lion worries when little girls falls on the ground. This is the cutest thing i have ever seen. It shows how cute, caring and intelligent animals are. Before watching this video, i had already watched so many videos of animals caring their cubs and getting worried about them but this is the first time i am watching any animal worrying about a human. The video was uploaded by Ariel Myren a year ago and it has racked up millions of views. Just watch it till the end and i am sure you guys will like it.

You can see three little girls are playing with a sea lion, which is behind a mirror wall. One of the girls is carrying a hand bag and other girl is holding a toy which seems to be a sea lion toy. The little girl runs along with the sea lion in the same direction it runs. When sea lion reaches to the end then it swims to the opposite direction and the little girl does the same. Then near the end something cute happens. When that little girl falls on the ground then sea lion stops and stairs at the girl. It constantly keeps on looking at her. It seems like the sea lion is worrying about her whether she is alright. As we know empathy is key in all animals and all animals have feelings, just like humans. Some of us think that animals are dumb animals but actually they are not dumb. This video proves them wrong. And i love when animals demonstrate that they are not dumb animals.

Actually these are two different videos which Ariel Myren has combined to make one. She took these videos at the national zoo as sea lions are often a popular attraction at zoos and aquariums.

Thanks for watching this amazing and cutest video and i hope you guys liked it.

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