An unusual friendship !! Cat and owl

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Cat and owl playing together

Everyone makes friends and some people remain best friends forever just like this cat and owl. Friendship is the most precious and beautiful thing which happens to everyone once in life and remains the same till the end of life. Many human beings love to keep pets at home and animals become their best friends. Not only humans make friends, but animals also love to make friends. This video shows two best friends a cat and an owl playing together. This friendship between a bird and an animal is really unusual, but cute. Millions of people from all around the world have watched their friendship video and they are liking their friendship.

First let me tell you the names of this sweet couple, name of the black cat is Fum and Gebra is the name of white owl. The owl is flying and the black cat is trying to catch it by jumping in the air, but could not catch it. They both are really having fun and enjoying each other’s company. The owl looks really cute. When owl touches the cat, the cat stops him with her front paw. It seems like even the cat wants to fly with her owl friend. At one point the cat runs towards the owl and jumps from over it. I think the cat has realized that she can not fly so now she has decided to become a stunt-cat. They both are enjoying the nature with freedom. They climb up on a tree and cat jumps from branch to branch. Jumping is the only thing which cat is able to do. Near the end when cat looks at the camera that it runs away but owl stays there and does not move at all, don’t know why.

Everyday Gebra fly far away but every-time lands near to Fum just like a true friend. They both have one year of age.

Beautiful track has been used in this video – “Deixa’m dir una cosa” by Sopa de Cabra”, in English “Let me tell you something” by Sopa de Cabra”.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope even you guy liked their friendship.

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