How Low Can A Jet Fly? This Video Will Break All Your Previous Notions

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How Low Can A Jet Fly? This Video Will Break All Your Previous Notions

Have you ever seen any fighter jet flying very low, or how low do you thing a jet can fly ? Just watch this video about jets flying very low and i am sure this video will leave you guys speechless. This amazing and awesome video will definitely break all your previous notions about fighter jets. I found this video on YouTube having millions of views and thousands of likes for it. Few clips of different jets are compiled in this video to make this one really amazing and incredible.

The incredible show begins from the beginning of the video with a fighter jet flying very low. It leaves the dust behind on the ground and the noise of the jet is simply awesome. It passes from near the army trucks. You can see the dust at long distance. Another jet passes from over the army men. They all are enjoying this moment. You can see another jet flying very low and it seems like running on the runway, it passes over from. One clip was recorded by the camera mounted over the car’s hood. The lady inside the car screams when jet passes from over their car, the jet is flying very low. The next clip is just simply awesome. A jet fly very low from over the sea and because of the thrust some water comes up and it looks like the water is almost touching the jet and somehow it looks like jet is spraying water into the sea. But really, it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. In the next clip a man is standing on the runway and a low flying jet passes from over his head. It seems like the jet almost touches his head. Really hats off to the courage of this man and for the skills of the pilots, flying these jets and doing these stunts. In other clips you will watch same kind of incredible things.

I am really impressed by the skills of these pilots. Most of the time pilots show their skills during air shows and sometimes planes crash during the show. Many pilots have lost their live while performing such kind of dangerous stunts in the air but the show must go on.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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