OMG Amazing !! 15 meters snow in Japan


15 meters snow in Japan

Though Japan is a small country but very famous for its climate which is rich in variety. Tateyama is a name of city in Japan, which is very famous for tourism. Tateyama is also a generic name of three mountains, OYAMA, OONANJIYAMA and FUJINO-ORITATE. Tateyama is supposed to be a scary mountain because of high snow walls. This amazing video is recorded by a tourist travelling  in a bus through snow wall between Bijodaira and Murodo in Tateyama, Japan.

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This road is known as “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route” and it is very famous tourist destination in Japan. This route was completed in 1971. This road is high up in the mountain, in winters there gets very deep snow and traffic is closed. And when the snow fall stops in April then snow remover cars get the snow on the road off and make it clear for the traffic. They use GPS to remove the snow with accuracy. Usually the side walls go up like 15 meters high but sometimes the snow wall becomes 20 meters high. In April so many tourists come here when the mountain is opened for traffic. You can see so many people are walking on one side of the road just to enjoy the snow walls and to admire the high wall of snow. Various means of transportation are available here including cable-cars, trolley buses and a rope-way.

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This Highland bus requires about 50 minutes for this journey between Bijodaira and Murodo stations. There are few bus stops along the way and one side fare is about 1680 yen if i am not wrong. If you travel by a bus then the distance between both stations is about 23 km. The approximate length of this route is about 37 km. A drone keeps on informing and warning the passengers in the bus regarding do’s and don’t’s. It looks so wonderful while travelling through these high snow walls. If you notice, the bus does not drift at all on this road. There is a rope separating the road between vehicles and walking people. Other buses are coming from the opposite side and the road is wide enough for two vehicle to cross at a time. Somewhere the snow is scattered onto the road, but drivers do not run the buses at high speed.

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