Watch happy cows running and galloping for joy


Happy cows running and galloping for joy

This is a heart-warming video of cows running, jumping and galloping for joy. After a long winter season these cows are set free to an open ground and cows are enjoying their freedom after staying in a cow shed for a long time. There are number of cows in this video including some young cows and one bull.

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The cows are left on their favourite food and cows are enjoying it. One of them is rubbing its head onto the grass. These cows are being taken care by a foundation known as ” save the cows in Rhein-Berg”. This fund-raising club was started by Anke Heublein in 2012 when they came to know that the cows were to be taken to the slaughterhouse because their owners could not afford holding them for milk production just because of some financial reasons, they saved those cows and started this foundation. Cows are not raised for milk production by this foundation, the members of this foundation are working just for the welfare of the cows. Anke Heublein tells the reason behind this foundation, she says she could not bear the thought of cows being killed for meat. There are about 25 cows being raised by this foundation. Cows spend stress-less life here.

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Cows spend most of their lives giving milk and bearing calves and when they become of no use for the owners, when cows stop producing milk then human beings kill them for meat. Even their calves are being killed for meat. There is one of the farmer’s son in this video Jan Muller. He tells that he loves cows because they are very gentle animals and when he heard his father was about to give up holding the cows for some reason then he became very sad, but now he feels happy after watching these cows raised so well by this foundation. The godfather from cow Eva says that where else does one find something like these cows galloping for joy and enjoying freedom. He says that we enjoy so many delicious dairy products made of milk which we get from these animals, and some day we have to give something back to these animals so it happened. He feels very happy after doing all this for these animals. In some religions, cows are worshipped by people but still there are so many cows looking for supporters. So i think we all should do something for these animals because they have given us a lot.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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