Amazing !! Dog uses a toilet correctly


Dog uses a toilet correctly

Sometimes it is very difficult to teach even human beings, then how can we train a dog so perfectly ? But when you will watch this trained dog then you will definitely sat that this dog is much better than other animals even more than many human beings. This dog has been trained so perfectly that he uses a toilet correctly the way we use.

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In the beginning of this video the dog puts the attaching seat down on the toilet bowl to sit onto it. The cover seat is painted. Then she pees in it and even does flush it to make it clean. Then second time she comes for feces and does flush twice at the end making sure it worked. She puts her mouth inside the toilet bowl, i thought she was going to drink out of the toilet bowl after peeing. This dog is fully trained and amazing. Dogs are most faithful animals among others and they are easy to train because they learn quickly, i have heard about cats doing this but this is the first time i have watched any dog using a toilet like a human being. This is really amazing. Most people do not like dogs because they make mess inside the house, in parks sometimes in bed rooms so i wish all dogs can do that. Really hats off to the trainer of this dog, who has trained her so well. If all dogs become like this one then nobody will hate dogs.

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Dogs are favourite among humans as pets and even dogs remain faithful towards their owners. You might have heard many news about dogs saving their owner’s lives.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you loved this well trained dog.

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