Amazing !! Can you jump from this height ? 600ft rope swing bungee jump


600ft rope swing bungee jump

You will watch few people playing with danger. They jump from 600ft without any fear. Mike Wilson, Andrew Kirkpatrick and team visited South Africa to record a video of a most insane rope swing bungee jump, ever. They are using little protection, so it’s safe, but that does not mean that it’s not scary and risky. This bungee jumping takes the hell out of the people doing this.

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Let me tell you a little about bungee jumping. It is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure, which is usually a fixed object, such as building, bridge, rocks or crane, while connected to a large elastic rod. Bungee jumping shown in this video was made at Magwa falls, a waterfall in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They have tied a rope on two rocks standing opposite to each other. They jump from the height and record their own expressions while falling doing. They connect themselves with the tied rope for the safety and to swing on it. It looks very scary when they jump from such height.

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They do flips while jumping. It’s really awesome but not everyone can do it because it’s scary too. Besides, the view of the location is really awesome, the water falling from the height looks pretty amazing. They have involved Magwa falls locals also. Children are helping them in transporting their stuff. Locals are enjoying their stunts. After the jump a guy is pulled by the truck and once he comes up he shows blood on his hands, which probably came out because of holding the rope tight. These guys are actually living a dream which each one of us have.

This video is produced and filmed by Andrew Kirkpatrick. Mike Wilson is a stunt coordinator. And the lovely music used as background music in this video to make it more entertaining is “Kaskade – Last Chance ft. Project 46”

Thanks for watching this amazing video of bungee jumping and i hope you liked it and wish to experience it once in life.

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