Haha !! Funny dance alcohol test


Funny dance alcohol test

There are different types of alcohol tests but the type of alcohol test, these cops are using, is really funny and entertaining. Whenever cops stop us for alcohol test, we do not like that at all, but if these cops stop you somewhere, then certainly you will enjoy giving alcohol test. This video is recorded by “Just For Laughs Gags” an official YouTube channel. People are liking this funny type of alcohol test and this video is receiving thousands of likes on YouTube.

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On the street, cops are stopping drivers to check whether they are driving drunk or not. A cop uses breathalyzer device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. He asks a driver to exhale into the device and when cop checks the device then he comes to know that it is not working. He hits it with his hands but it does not work. Then he tells other cops that it is not working, then those cops bring a stereo system to use it as a alcohol testing device. They ask people to dance to clear alcohol testing. They play music and ask people to follow their dance steps. The lovely music used in this video is from “achy breaky heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.

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They stop so many drivers and asks each one of them to dance and to follow their dance steps. Some people stop their cars and watch them dancing on the street. Their dance is very hilarious. The drivers going through this alcohol test are actually enjoying this dance alcohol test. Their expressions are really priceless when cops tell them that they are being filmed and they are not actually cops. People get surprised and laugh on themselves. There are other so many videos uploaded by Just For Laugh Gags. They always upload funny, hilarious and hidden pranks videos.

I am not sure about the music, if i am not wrong then it is the same as i have mentioned above, but if in case i am wrong then please let me know so that i could make it correct.

Thanks for watching this amazing and funny video about funny dance alcohol test and i hope you liked it and next time you would love to go through this kind of alcohol test.

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