OMG !! Strong hailstorm


Strong hailstorm in Georgia

In this video you see an inclement weather in Georgia. Hailstones are falling from the sky and damaging everything on the ground. The video is recorded by a dweller in Georgia who is worried about his swimming pool. People are liking this hailstorm video on YouTube but nobody wants this to happen at their own places. This is one of the strong hailstorms i have ever seen. The diameter of hailstones is about 2.4 in.

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Hailstones are falling with speed and they are braking windows of the houses. Just hear the noise and imagine how strongly hailstones are hitting the ground. Hailstones are trimming the trees as small branches and leaves are falling on the floor. When hailstones are falling into the pool filled with water, the water is coming up. There are some small decorative pipes are hanging into the courtyard and when hailstones hit those, it produces sound like, a glass is being broken.

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The cameraman captures the hailstones scattered on all over the grass. Everything is just covered with ice. After some time hailstorm stops. Now the couple is worried about broken windows, besides, they enjoyed the inclement weather. Hail is possible within most thunderstorms as it is produced by cumulonimbi.

Some people are arguing that this hailstorm happened in Phoenix but the man who posted this video first, mentioned that this storm has happened in Georgia. As we have no evidence to clarify this thing so just enjoy the video and please do not put any wrong comments about the location of this hailstorm.

Thanks for watching this amazing video of a strong hailstorm and i hope you enjoyed the weather on your screen.

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