WOW Amazing !! A man swims like a dolphin


A man swims like a dolphin

Swimming is a water based sport which is very popular in the whole world. This video has been taken from a championship finals in the gentlemen 50 meter backstroke where a man “Hill Taylor” swims like a dolphin underwater and sets a new world record but gets disqualified because of not following the rules of the sport.

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He is 23 year old and studying in University of Texas. He has participated in many competitions and in this championship he shows his amazing ability to swim underwater for long period of time. He is at the no. 7 from the right. After a signal the competition begins and all the players swim underwater and then after reaching about 15 meters they all come up and start backstroke swimming but Hill Taylor keeps on swimming underwater. He completes the entire event while swimming underwater in an impressive 23.10 seconds. But he gets disqualified because according to the rules swimmers can not swim underwater for more than first 15 meters after the start and every turn. As Hill gets disqualified so Pontus comes at first place followed by Tommy, Niki, Cole, DaSilva, John and Jaso.

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Hill became famous by the name of “Dolphin man” after this competition. If Hill had not been disqualified, he would have broke the previous world record of 24.04 seconds. The rules for this sport are set by an International Swimming Federation FINA. Besides everything else we should admire his ability of swimming underwater for long period of time. I am sure you are really impressed by the talent of this guy.

Thanks for watching this amazing video featuring Hill Taylor a “dolphin man” completing the entire event while swimming underwater like a dolphin and i hope you liked it.

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