Amazing !! An artist making a dragon using melted sugar


Making a dragon using melted sugar

This is an amazing video featuring an artist making a Chinese dragon using melted sugar. This art is known as “Sugar painting” which was very famous in China long time ago and nowadays it is very rarely seen in China. It is actually a traditional Chinese form of folk art in which selected figures are created using melted sugar.

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In this video you see an artist melting sugar and then drizzling it onto flat surface with a small ladle. He is using thick stream of sugar to draw the outline of the figure. Once he draws the dragon then he produces supporting strands with swirls to fill in the body of the dragon. When he finishes the figure then he takes a thin wooden stick and attaches it on the figure at 3-4 places with more sugar. He uses this wooden stick to hold the figure. Once everything is finished he removes the figure from the flat surface using a spatula like tool and gives it to the waiting customer. The kid seems very happy after getting this dragon made of melted sugar. The lady pays the artist and the price for the small ones is $0.48 and $0.81 for big ones.

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This is an amazing art of creating figures. Customers do not select figures to be created by themselves. They spin the arrow to select the figure to be created. The most popular figures are of dragon, fish, monkey, dog, flower basket and bird. These artists can do all 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Sugar printing was originated during Ming dynasty and became vary famous and popular during the Qing dynasty. Now the technique used in sugar printing has been improved along with the time but nowadays it is very rarely seen in China.

I am not sure whether we can eat these figures or not, but it will be cool to eat a dragon made of sugar.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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