Haha !!!! Best funny animal compilation ever


Best funny animal compilation ever

This is the best funny animal compilation ever uploaded on internet. Sometimes animals are very annoying but sometimes they look very cute. If you are an animal lover then certainly you gonna like this funny compilation. This compilation is about some annoying and funny animals like dogs, cats, horses, monkeys and some other animals too.

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In the beginning you see an animal spits over a man’s face trying to play with that animal. A male goat is threatening people on the street, it knocks two bike riders down. A family is enjoying picnic time together, then a small monkey comes and runs away with their food box, a lady runs after him but could not catch that monkey. Another goat hits a man and knocks him down, and knocks him down again when he tries to stand up on his feet. A monkey teases a cat, first he pulls her tail and then starts slapping her on her face. A cat is all set to destroy the Cristmiss tree. Few ladies are standing together and then a monkey comes and grabs a bag from a lady and runs away. A man is enjoying the lake in his boat and gets his hat off by a fish jumping from over his head.

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A person is sleeping on the bed but a cat is not letting him sleep, cat keeps on teasing him while rubbing its paws on his arm. A man and his pet dog are watching baseball match on TV, the dog gets excited when watches his favorite player hitting a shot and then gets himself hit in that TV. The man hardly manages to save that TV. A cat is sleeping on a shelf and another cat is trying to awake her. A monkey is teasing a dog while pulling his tail and jumping on him. A horse is kissing a dog and the dog seems to be enjoying the massage. A cat wants to sleep but a white bird is not in the mood to let her sleep.

All the monkeys in this compilation are very funny and they enjoy teasing others.

Thanks for watching this funny compilation and i hope you liked it and make sure to share it with your friends as well.

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