Watch Super Mario Bros being performed live on the stage


Super Mario Bros being performed live on the stage

Most of us have played a common video game “Super Mario Bros” during our childhood. Still whenever any kid starts playing video games, plays Super Mario Bros for sure during his childhood. This is the most famous game which i think everybody has played once. This game has been like an addiction to everyone.

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Super Marion is a video game series by Nintendo and Super Mario Bros is the first game of this series. Mario is the star character of this video game series. The player who controls Mario character has to cross many obstacles coming in its way, collect points while hitting boxes and bricks, eat a vegetable to gain a life, eat a flower to get a gun, kill small enemies coming in its way, entering new stages and levels and entering into different levels to collect more points. The game starts easy and becomes difficult while reaching near the end in each stage. There is an option of selecting difficulty level as well in this game.

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In this video the Super Mario Bros game is being played live on the stage during a festival. The idea was given by Gordon College. A man is playing the character of Mario, wearing white clothes. He moves his feet, pretends like he is running on a track and other men holding the things up well are passing one by one. They have created each and everything same as it appears in video game. It gives us the same feel as we feel while watching it on the screen. They show clouds, Mario collecting points, killing little insects with his feet and with gun bullets later on. They have shown Mario going to different levels to collect points through entry pipe like things. They even show the game speeding up. In the end they show the Mario finishes the stage successfully and is about to enter in second stage.

Audience is enjoying this live Super Mario lot and cheers and claps at the performance of all the artists involved in this live act.

Thanks for watching this amazing and entertaining video of live Super Mario Bros game and i hope you like it and if you have ever played this game in your life then share this video with your friends.

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