Must Watch !! Extremely scary prank in Brazil


Extremely scary prank in Brazil

This is an amazing video of a scary prank played by two Brazilian girls with other ladies coming to the washroom. This is scary and little funny at the same time. It is a “woman without reflection in the mirror” prank in which victims find no reflection of them in the mirror. The girls have fixed a mirror into the washroom, which is not actually a mirror but it looks like a mirror, It does not show any reflection, it just plays a recorded video of both the girls.

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In the beginning both girls swing their hands in front of the camera and then in the next shot a lady enters in the washroom wearing a yellow top, one of the girls is applying lipstick on her lips. The lady keeps her bag onto the shelf and takes her lipstick out, when she looks into the mirror to put her lipstick on, she gets scared when she finds nothing in the mirror in front of her. He does not find her reflection in the mirror while the actress girl is able to see herself in the mirror. The lady winders why the actress lady is able to see herself and she is not. She does ask actress girl about this then actress girl asks her to switch the side with her but again even on that side she does not appear in the mirror. In a meantime second actress girl enters and sees herself in the mirror, makes her hair and then leaves. The actress girl then asks that lady to put her hand on the mirror, but even her hand does not reflect in the mirror. The lady touches the actress girl twice to see whether she can watch herself touching that actress girl in the mirror and to make sure she is real. But she gets more scared when she watches the reflection arguing with the real actress girl on lipstick color. She immediately leaves the room.

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Same happens with another lady enters in that room, even she is not able to see herself in the mirror. She moves all around to watch herself in the mirror but she does not find her reflection from any angle, then second actress girl enters and the victim lady gets surprised and keeps on smiling while watching both of them in the mirror and not herself. Few other ladies become victims of this prank and same happens with each and everyone. Their expressions are priceless.

I have seen so many prank videos on internet but this prank video is one of the best videos i have ever seen. But the sound-effects and laugh track used in this video somehow ruin it but still it is a must watch prank video.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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