Amazing !! Watch a girl singing while swimming with snakes


Girl singing while swimming with snakes

This amazing video features a girl singing a song while swimming with snakes. She is a contestant on the show “Killer Karaoke”. Its an American game show broadcast on the truTV cable channel where contestants are challenged to sing in in front of the live audience and various attempts are made to scare them and to disrupt their performances. Steve-O is hosting the first season of this show.

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In the beginning you see a lady contestant is sitting on a swing and the host Steve is giving her instructions and telling her not to stop singing under any circumstances. Name of this contestant is Natasha and she sings the country hit “Redneck Woman”. The girl seems happy and looks ready to take any challenge with full spirit and then she starts singing. There is tank filled with extremely cold water placed on the stage and when the girl is being dipped into that water, she cries because of cold water but as per the instruction she keeps on singing. This is not the only attempt which has been tried to disrupt her performance, something more dangerous is still about to come. A man having a small bucket in his hands comes towards the water tank and he empty that bucket into that water tank, he actually dumps snakes into that water.

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Then again lady singer gets dunked in that tank filled with cold water along with snakes. The girl gets scared and screams but she keeps on singing. She takes little pauses in-between while singing. Then a man dumps more snakes into the water. The girl gets very scared when she see all these snakes into the water, she is going to being dunked in. When again she is being dipped in, she stops singing and keeps on crying, but the song is being played in background as well, so whenever she gets her attention towards the song then she starts singing in-between. You can see snakes all around the swing she is sitting on. This is not it, a cobra snakes has been dumped into the water tank to make it more outrageous. Near the end she cries more than she has sung before. Snakes are hanging all over the swing and when she is being taken out of the water and being landed on the ground, a snake is moving around her neck and now she seems little relaxed and calmed. Under all these circumstances, she has performed very well though.

These snakes are not poisonous snakes so its safe for the contestants to perform with these snakes.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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