WOW AMAZING !! A man with awesome creative skills


A man with awesome creative skills

To do any kind of work, one should have skills to do that. Without skills nobody can be a master of his work. You might have seen so many people with some amazing and awesome skills but this guy in this video shows some unique skills.

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The clip has been taken from “Abderson’s Viewers Got Talent” show, where a guy D. Westry from Columbus, Georgia shows his amazing creative skills and he takes the stage with his talent. The host of the show calls Westry on the stage and asks him about he is going to perform today. Westry tells that he is a speed painter and he is going to make a painting in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. Countdown begins and he starts his painting. All the stuff he requires is laying on the table just next to him. He is using his both hands to make the painting in a short time. He is moving his hands very fast and nobody knows what he is going to draw. Judges keep on guessing about his final painting but they could not guess right. Everybody might be thinking that he could not finish within time limit but Westry keeps on moving his both hands very fast to finish the job.

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The host keeps on letting him know about the time in-between. Everybody looks confused and unhappy with the painting Westry is making. They all wait for the time to run out and to call the next participant because they are thinking that they are going to get nothing from Westry. Judges are making guess about the painting that whether it is tree or something else. Westry uses only two colors in his painting. He finishes his painting in just 1.27 minutes but judges do not see anything amazing in his painting. It is like what he drew but when he reverts it, then it is something like which is really really awesome. It is a human face which he has just drawn. Westry leaves everybody stunned sitting over there with his painting. He gets standing ovation by all the judges and by audience as well. Everyone praises his painting and then judges give their reviews about his talent. They tell him that they were really disappointed in-between and they were waiting for the time to ran out and to give bad reviews about his painting, but in the end when he finished his painting and turned it, it left them stunned.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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