OMG!! Hands In Boiling Oil: Chef Fries Fish With Bare Hands


Hands in boiling oil

Nobody dares to put hands in boiling oil but a chef in Delhi does. Unbelievable !! But it is true. A man plucks fried fish out of the boiling oil with his bare hands without suffering any burn, blisters or ill effects. Watch this video, you will find him totally amazing.

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Prem Singh, 65, runs a restaurant by the name of Ganesh restaurant in the backstreets of Old Delhi. He has become very famous for his unique ability of plucking fried fish from the vat of boiling oil which is heated up to 200 degree Celsius, using his bare hands. Prem singh tells that he is doing this for last 25 years and he has never suffered any burn, blister or ill effects. When many years ago he dipped his hand into the boiling oil first time, then nothing happened to his hand, after that incident he did it again and again and now he does it regularly. People come to his restaurant and ask him to dip his hands into the boiling oil, just to watch it by themselves. Everyday his restaurant fills with decent crowd just to catch the glimpse of his unique skill. This is totally incredible and amazing.

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Prem Singh wants his sons to carry on with his hand frying tradition. One of his sons Deepak Singh tells that it’s been about 60 years, this restaurant was started by his grandfather and after his grandfather his father started looking after it and now he along with his brother look after the business. There are some more delicious dishes on the menu list which you can get there but the restaurant is more famous just because of Prem Singh’s unique ability of plucking fried fish from the vat. The video itself has become very famous with millions of views on internet. But some people are debating that it is rally unhygienic, even they are absolutely right but this video is just to show his incredible and unique skill so i think no one should put wrong comments.

The video is directed by – Mr. Arkaprava Ghosh
Edited by – Mr. lan Phillips / Joshua Douglas
Produced by – James Tegerdine

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked the unique ability of Prem Singh and make sure to visit his restaurant whenever you visit Delhi just to catch the glimpse of his unique way of plucking out fried fish.

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