GTR Vs YAMAHA R1 Vs SUZUKI GSX R1000, Which one is faster ?



Speed always thrills and it adds more thrill if you get a chance to drive Nissan GTR. GTR is a legacy of victory. To test this few professional racers did compete GTR vs Yamaha R1 vs Suzuki GSX R1000. Although street racing is illegal but anyways they did it and GTR left Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSX R1000 behind.

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In the beginning you see professionals are preparing for the race and they are getting their vehicles on a starting line. GTR is in the middle of two super racing bikes. The video has been recorded by the camera mounted on the helmet of Yamaha R1 rider. The instructor gives the signal to start the show and all three vehicles leave the starting point like a gun bullet. GTR leads the race and Suzuki GSX and R1 lags behind respectively. Then suddenly R1 gets the motion and reaches near to GTR after leaving R1000 behind. At one point it looks like R1 is going to surpass and would leave the GTR behind but then suddenly GTR gets the pick up and power and then leaves R1 behind in its dust and becomes invisible within seconds. The R1 rider slows down his bike and miles away finds GTR waiting for them on a roadside.

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Competing with Nissan GTR on a bike is not an easy job because riding a bike at about 300 miles/h is much more difficult and dangerous then driving a Nissan GTR at high speed. The R1 rider tries hard but at one point he slacks off after knowing that he could not catch GTR. If we talk about GTR, its something extraordinary built with passion and expertise. This super car comes loaded with 3.8 L, DOHC V6, two-parallel turbochargers, all wheel drive with a displacement of 3,799 cc. This car can reach up to a top speed of 311Kmph as you just watched in this video. It can achieve 100Kmph in about 3.5 seconds. It generates the power of 474 Bhp at 6400 rpm and unbeatable torque of 588 Nm at 3200-6000 rpm. There is one very interesting fact about the GTR engine is that only 4 master craftsmen in the world are allowed to hand-assemble the engine of this car. They are known as Takumi and each engine is assembled by a single craftsman. They inspect each and every piece for the quality and they are just like putting their souls into each engine.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it. But i suggest you not to drive your vehicle at such a high speed because speed thrills but kills.

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