OMG!! The luckiest people compilation


The luckiest people compilation part 14

Sometimes people are so lucky to get the second chance in their lives to live. In this compilation you will see some of the luckiest people on this planet who got close encounters. Some of them were so near to the death but they got second chance and they are still alive.

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A man is crossing the road and he gets close encounter with a car but luckily he is safe. A car is just stopped on the road and gets hit by another car coming after, but nobody was hurt in this accident. A sports car loses balance on a turn but luckily does not roll over. A motorbike rider loses balance but fortunately he gets the control back. Another bike rider is riding the bike at good speed and a car comes in its way but the car driver stops his car and the rider gets a safe pass. A skateboarder loses the balance and he gets a close encounter with a car. A car stops at the red light but the truck coming behind does not want to stop, truck comes at high speed and the driver turns it at high angle that it was just about to roll over, but fortunately nothing went wrong.

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Two men get down quickly from the truck  before it gets smashed by another truck. A man, going to jump before the train has been saved by a police officer. A car is moving at high speed and then suddenly a flock comes in its way, but fortunately the driver is able to stop the car. A truck slides on a wet road and comes towards another vehicle but stops when reaching very near to second vehicle. The shot has been taken by the dash cam mounted on the second vehicle. A rally car loses the control and keeps on sliding on the road but fortunately the driver gets the control back. A man is doing handstand on the edge of a rock and then one of his friends pushes his legs down and that guy slips from the edge but fortunately holds on a support. A bird is saved at the race track. A car loses balance and enters into a restaurant after breaking the window mirror but fortunately no one gets hurt inside the restaurant. There are other so many clips compiled about lucky people but some these clips are about pure skills, like performing stunts on aircraft s.

Thanks for watching this amazing video about lucky people in the world and i hope you like this compilation.

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