WOW !! Clever dogs and awesome owner


Clever dogs and awesome owner

Humans are not the only ones who know about discipline, even dogs can maintain discipline very well, sometimes even better than humans. In this video you will see clever dogs and their awesome owner who trained them so well that they obey her all the time. Everyday, in real life and on TV we see animals rush and fight for food, but in this video you will see digs with patience, they do not rush for the food, they go when they are called by their owner.

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The lady owner is calling her dogs for the food. She calls them one by one. All the dogs are waiting for their turn behind a small fence. When lady owner prepares to feed them then she calls one dog by its name safi, and that dog moves forward towards the food without any delay while all other dogs just stand there and wait for their names to be called upon. Same way that lady calls all the dogs one by one. And then you can see all dogs are eating from their different served food boxes. They all look so cute and amazing while eating together at the same time. There are total 13 dogs in total, from which 11 were standing behind the small fence in the beginning.

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These dogs are really clever and amazing. They are well trained and how can we forget their owner, who trained them all very well. It’s actually very hard to train such no. of dogs, even if you have only one dog at your place, even then you can understand it how hard it is to train them. I have seen so many trained dogs but this is the first time i have watched a no. of dogs with such patience and training. Truly hats off to their owner who might worked really hard. Although the dogs are very clever and they learn very quickly but to train 13 dogs is not an easy job.

It is like i am watching beauty contest where ladies stand still, waiting for being announced their names for the final list. Its actually pretty amazing. We humans should learn something form these dogs about to have patience. This video is something that teaches owners how its done, really great work done by that lady. Every dog owner should train their dogs like this.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it and i believe you really impressed by the work done by that lady owner.

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