Amazing !! Do you think you are better than this kid


Do you think you are better than this kid

You might have seen many kids doing amazing things but have you ever seen any kid diving even better than you do ? This video features a 3 years old kid diving down to get his ‘Toypedo’ torpedo. Watch this video and i am sure this kid will really impress you with his diving skill.

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The name of this kid is William. He was just 3 year old in January 2010 and he joined YMCA around 26 of that month. This video was shot on 18 March, 2010, just after 2 months from when he started learning swimming. He passed his swimming test on 17 March. On 18 he was playing with his toypedo brand torpedo. He is wearing swimming costumes in this video and he dives into the pool to get his toypedo torpedo back. He goes to the bottom of the pool and it looks deep enough for a kid to dive in. He stays for long time into the water and in-between he comes up to breath. He swims like professional swimmers. Once he gets his torpedo then he throws it away again. He comes up and smiles after completing his dive into a pool with 5ft depth.

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The depth of the pool is about 5ft. Later on he dived into a pool with depth about 9ft. This kid is really amazing. According to me no other kid at his age can compete him. This kid has become an internet star. The video of him has become very popular and famous with millions of views. This kid is blessed with such an amazing talent and i am sure in future he will certainly do something more amazing. He will go very long in swimming. His teacher tells that William was not attending regular classes, he started teaching him how to swim as often as he had chance. If you know how to swim then most probably you also know how difficult it is to swim. He is just a kid and he is still better than many of us at this small age. Now you can imagine him in future.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i am sure this kid has impressed you with his diving skills and i believe you wish to swim like him too.

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