What an idiot – Lions are not pets!


Telegraph journalist gets mauled by Lion

Lion is a king of jungle. He is the strongest and dangerous animal among all. There are very few humans on this planet who can play with lions, while everybody else is suggested to stay away from lions because they can kill anybody within seconds. Same thing happened with a journalist. In this video you will watch a telegraph journalist gets mauled by Lion.

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Telegraph journalists team is visiting a place where a lion has been kept in the cage. This place is in South Africa. In the beginning a danger notice board is shown in the camera, people are advised not to go inside. But a journalist Charlie Starmer Smith is about to go inside close to the lion. He is aware of the danger inside bu the insists to go inside. The name of the other team member is Abbie Eastwood but she is not going inside. Smith tells that he is quite scare but still he goes inside. The cameramen are recording all this while staying outside. There is already a man inside playing with that lion, he seems like the trainer over there. Smith goes inside and rubs his hand on the body of lion. Trainer advises him not to sit down close to the lion just for the little safety.

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Smith is enjoying this moment of playing with the lion. But it seems like the lion is getting angry and aggressive, he starts roaring in-between and starts like biting them and chewing their clothes. The trainer tries to make him calm down. Smith keeps on touching him and the lion becomes more aggressive and bites Smith. Trainer tries to rescue smith but lion does not leave him. Smith looks little scare here, trainer hits the lion on his face and after some time lion leaves him and then suddenly catches his leg inside his mouth and bites him. Then trainer asks smith to go outside. when smith comes outside then he shows his injured leg and you can see the blood coming out. He finds more scars over his body when he takes his shirt off. Another team member gives him first aid and smith tells that he was scared when he was getting mauled by lion. Then they take him to the doctor and doc gives him stitches and says this is the time he is giving stitches to someone bitten by a lion. I really don’t understand what should i call this journalist, a brave man with a courage to go close to a lion or something else.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it and will never go too close to the lions.

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