Do you smoke ? Watch what 400 cigarettes can do


What 400 cigarettes can do

Cigarettes smoking is injurious to health, we all know this but still many of us smoke. Most of the smokers want to quit smoking but anyhow they could not, they are completely addicted to it. Health organizations have declared smoking a cause of heart diseases and cancer. Everyday, thousands of people are dying in the whole world because of heart attack and cancer. All health organizations are making people aware of bad consequences of smoking.

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This experiment shows that what 400 cigarettes can do and how much tar they contain. A water bottle, a motor, pipes, cigarettes, lighter and some other things are used in this project. The men doing this experiment light the cigarettes one by one and the smoke is being sucked down into the water inside the bottle. Water color changes to light brown and then to black after sucking smoke of 400 cigarettes. When all cigarettes are burnt then they boil that solution of water and tar. The water evaporates from the solution and the black substance which remains is tar. There is some ash mixed in this black substance because the speed and air pressure of the machine was very high and strong so it made difficult to catch some of the filters before burning a cigarette up to the end. Some of the filters also burned down and sucked down into the water by pressure.

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Generally if look at the pure tar then you find it soft and sticky. But the substance in this video does not look like that because of some ashes mixed in it. One thing i want you to notice over here that the machine sucks all the smoke of the cigarette and in real when we smoke, we do not suck all the tar, some of the tar we breath out and not all the tar remains inside our lungs. Hence, in real a man does not suck as much as the tar we just saw in the video. But anyways, after watching this video i think we should not smoke anymore because each cigarette harms our body. A 2007 report states that, each year, about 4.9 million people worldwide die as a result of smoking. I am not saying that only smokers suffer with heart or cancer diseases, even non-smokers can suffer with such diseases but chances are more in case of smokers. Health should be the first thing to be taken care of, so i suggest all the smokers to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you will quit smoking and will keep yourselves healthy.

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