Amazing dance by a groom on his wedding reception


Amazing dance by a groom on his wedding reception

Every groom and bride want to make their wedding a memorable wedding. We all do different things on our weddings, some of us spend lots of money, while some of us believe to get married in a very ordinary way without spending much money. Most of us perform dance on very lovable songs but Jeff chose something different on his wedding reception.

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He performed on Smooth criminal by MJ. He surprised his guests with his amazing moves. He got married to Cara on 7/16/11. He is not a professional dancer, you will not believe that both bride and groom rehearsed together in person the night before the wedding, and they performed it so well on the day of wedding. The bridal party practiced this dance only via web. Jeff danced along with his few friends. In between the bride joins him. He performed just like MJ but he was bit slower than MJ. All the guests are cheering for him and enjoying his dance. He looks very handsome and the bride looks so cute in bridal gown. First two of his male friends join him and after some time two females also join them. For some time all others leave him and bride joins him and they both do couple dance.

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In the end when they end their dance performance then everyone else hug them and congrats them for their wedding and amazing dance performance. This is the most beautiful wedding dance i have ever seen. Everyone wish to perform like this on their weddings. Jeff and Cara have made their wedding occasion memorable. According to one of their friends they are still married and living happily with each other. So nothing is impossible if we wish to do something. Even you can make your wedding special by performing dance like this. And like Jeff you can learn dancing by watching dance videos on internet and you can practice with your bride via web. Dance like this on wedding occasions can add little more sweetness to your relationship because such small and cute things keep you close to each other. After watching this dance video even MJ would have been proud of them. We wish them happily married life together.

Thanks for watching this amazing wedding dance video and i am sure even you would love to perform dance like this on your wedding to make it memorable. If you are already married then do not get sad, you can perform this dance on one of your cousins or friends marriage.

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