Must Watch !! The War between a Ginger Cat and the Paper Army


The war between a ginger cat and the paper army

You might have seen so many war movies and videos on internet but have you ever seen any video of the most horrific massacre or the most gruesome war ever happened in history ? Probable not yet, but now is the time for you to become witness of the most gruesome war between a ginger cat and the paper army.

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A paper man is walking alone on the road, suddenly he feels something passing from behind his back, he turns back to look and then suddenly a cat attacks on him and eats him. The commander of a paper army gets the news of this murder over a phone call. Then he collects his men and addresses them. He informs them about the attack by ginger cat and tells them that the paper army and ginger cat are at war. Then the war begins between two powerful enemies. Paper armies men land in the war zone with parachutes. Paper army is using all of their forces including ground force, navy and air-force. Soldiers are keeping an eye with binoculars. Suddenly ginger car jumps on one of the soldier and kills him, others open fire on the ginger cat but she fights well and kills most of the soldiers firing on her with guns. A soldier is shooting on her while sliding on a rope and coming down, cat attacks on him and eats him. Another soldier fights with cat with his sword. Cat is getting attacked by paper army with rocket launchers but she keeps on killing them all.

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Paper army men are rescuing their injured soldiers from the war zone. When they find cat killing most of the soldiers then they use air-force fighting helicopter to attack her. Helicopter shoots rounds on her and she escapes from there and hides behind walls to save herself. Then suddenly she attacks on the helicopter and destroys it to the ground. You can see the dead bodies of the paper army soldiers scattered all around. But they do not run away, even the last man of the army fights against ginger cat but cat kills him also and finishes the war.

This amazing video is created by Adam Cox. Background music is also very good and has been used very well to narrate the actions. This is one of the most creative things i have ever seen. I am really impressed by the work done by the whole team and it gives the feel of a real war.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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