Haa..Haa.. Very Funny – Making people fool with invisible rope prank


Making people fool with invisible rope prank

Some people play pranks to threaten someone and some play to make someone fool. But most of the time pranks are funny and entertaining. You can find so many prank videos on internet and all of those are very famous on internet and this video is one of those with millions of views. As i have searched on internet, i found videos about pranks have more views than others. This is the reason i am sharing this invisible rope prank video with you guys to entertain you and to make you guys smile.

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This is the second video of invisible rope prank. This video features two guys pretending like they are holding a rope and blocking the road. They are standing at each side of the road and pretending like they are pulling a rope from both ends. When they see a car coming on the road then they pretend like they are holding a rope off the ground and driver in the car slows the car down and stops when he reaches near to those guys thinking there is a rope these guys are pulling from both ends. After watching carefully driver moves the car and those guys fall on the ground as they show the rope was broken by the car and they fell because of the pulling force applied by them.

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When they see another car on the road then they again do the same thing, but this time they pretend like they have tighten the rope with a tree and a small pole at each side of the road respectively and they run away after blocking the road. The driver stops his car and comes out of the car to check the tighten rope. He tries to find the rope by waving his hand. When he finds nothing, he gets back into his car and moves it. Again on the same road they try to fool a bicycle rider. But the rider passes without stopping his cycle from off to the road. This is the last prank played by these guys in this video. Lovely music has been given by Kevin MacLeod as a background music. This video is really entertaining and funny at the same time. These two guys have done a great job in making people fool. The best scene in this video is when a car driver waves his hand into the air to find the rope and his reaction when he finds nothing.

Thanks for watching this funny invisible rope prank video and i believe this video entertained you a lot.

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