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A cat massaging a dog

We all make so many friends in our life and few of them remain our best friends for whole life. Friendship is the most precious and beautiful thing which happens to everyone once in life and remains the same till the end of life. Many human beings love to keep pets at home and animals become their best friends. Not only humans make friends, but animals also love to make friends.

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This amazing and precious video was first posted by Charles Auclair on YouTube and it became very popular on internet with millions of views. This video is featuring a black cat and a white dog. A cat and a dog are sitting next to each other seems like they are enjoying their time in a park with beautiful grass in it. Then cat goes towards the back of the dog and starts giving him massage on his back. Dog sits calm while receiving a massage. Cat moves her paws over the back of the dog around his back bone. It seems like the cat is very expert in giving massage, she does it in the same way as humans do. The most pretty part of this video is when dog looks back. Cat keeps on giving him massage and when dog looks back again then it seems like he is kissing the cat for the love and care the cat shows to the dog. In the end the massage session ends and i am wondering will the dog give her a massage in return ?

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These both pets belong to Mr. Charles and he tells that this is their daily ritual. The name of the black cat is “Puss” and “Captain” is the name of white dog. Lovely music has been used as a background music. This is always amazing and adorable to watch the friendship between animals. This is one of the cutest things i have ever seen on internet. Most of the time these two animals are the biggest enemies of each other but this video tells that these two enemies can be a good friends also. We humans should learn from such kind of videos. This video spreads a message of love and friendship. These two animals look very cute while looking after each other. I have watched this video so many times and still i can not stop myself watching it everyday or once in a week. Hence i posted it here to share with you guys.

Thanks for watching this wonderful video about friendship of two enemies and i hope you liked it.

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