Must Watch !! Where the car & engines have gone ? A cars worst nightmare

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A cars worst nightmare

You might have seen how a car gets assembled but have you ever seen how a car gets destructed within a minute ? In this amazing video you gonna watch a red giant grinding up cars and engines within a minute. It takes much time to assemble a car and an engine but it takes only about one minute and thirty seconds to disassemble a car and engines.

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A green car body is placed in a hopper of a machine where it is being torn and broken down into small pieces of iron scrap. It is being routed directly to the containers through a horizontal belt. Then a grab crane puts some engines into the hopper and those engines are also torn and broken into small pieces within seconds. This red giant machine is manufactured by HAMMEL company. HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH was first started in Germany in 1996. Now this company is a leader in the area of shredding technology and around 600 employees are working with this company worldwide. We have multiple models of this machine available to choose from. The one we are watching in this video is primary shredder. It uses two shredding shafts and can operate at the maximum speed of 46 revolutions per minute.

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After grinding the material the shafts run backward, throwing the material and clean themselves. This is really an amazing giant made ever by any company. The light weight and thin body of any car seems OK but heavy engines ! it is really unbelievable. The different parts of this machine are manufactured by different venders of HAMMEL company and at last the machine is assembled in the plant of HAMMEL company in Germany. This machine especially impressed mainly through : high throughput, user friendly operation, robust construction, minimal dust formation, durable tools, low wear and tear, very low noise emission, no missiles, no fire hazard, customized design and low consumption. The machine is equipped with diesel-hydraulic drive or electro-hydraulic drive with high quality electric motors. The machine does not make much noise as exhaust system renders sound emissions at a low level. The large volume hopper is fitted to store maximum material as it keeps on feeding the shredder without any pause. Different models shredder machines have different storage hoppers. It depends upon the size and rotation speed of the shafts fitted in the shredder. This machine is absolutely a beauty of destruction. It helps to reduce the volume of garbage and to recycle it.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i am sure you do not want your car in the mouth of this red giant.

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