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Best workout fail compilation 2013

Workout is very good for good health and attractive physique. It is highly recommended for humans to stay fit and healthy for long time. But sometimes workout turns funny. If you do not believe me, in this video you can watch all this by yourselves, whatever i am saying. This is best workout compilation video of 2013 with millions of views on internet.

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In the beginning a man lifts heavy weight up to his waist and when he walks away after dropping the weight down, he falls on the floor but he gets his head striking in the weights kept there. In another shot a young guy is doing pushing ups while clapping at the back but unfortunately he gets his face hit forward on the ground. Another guys tries to do pull ups and when he holds the rod, the rod slips from the joints and that guy falls down on his back. A man tries to do abs exercise on the shoulders of another man but they lose the balance and they both fall on the ground. A man tries to lift heavy weight off of his chest but he could not lift it up and reduces the weight while resting it on his chest. It is really funny. A man is running on the running machine and loses his balance and ends up breaking the measurement meter of the machine.

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A man tries to lift a heavy weight and successfully he lifts it up but could not hold it up and strikes with the wall in-front of him and falls back. A man is working out in the gym and doing abs exercise but because of heavy weight the rope pulls him back. When a man tries to keep the weight back on the machine, he drops it from a height and rolls forward. A beautiful lady tries to do pull ups but the rod slips from the joints and that poor lady falls down on the ground. A boy is working out inside his home, when he lifts a rod with weight on its both ends, he gets it hit into the fish box tank and breaking it, then you can hear him calling his mother. It’s very funny.  A boy wants to hold on with his one hand while doing pull ups, but the thing he is holding on could not take his weight and slips from the supports. Near the end you can see a boy lifting the weight but could not put it down by himself, his mother comes and helps him to keep it down. This video made me laugh and i am sure you will also keep on laughing while watching it. Thanks for watching this funny video of workout compilation.

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