Have you ever seen one of the strongest men on the planet ? Watch Now !!

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One of the strongest men on the planet

Have you ever seen the strongest man of this planet ? If not, you can see him now in this video. This man probably may not be the only strongest man of earth but he is one of the those for sure. This video features CT Fletcher introducing “Da Hulk” the strongest man. His real name is Keven Washington.

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In the beginning he tells what is going to happen when a Superman and DA Hulk meet at under one roof. He introduces the strongest man of this planet “Hulk”. You see Hulk smashing the iron repeatedly and CT Fletcher motivates him to get angry and to lift more and more weight. Ct motivates him every two seconds. Hulk lifts 454kg for warmup. He bounces 454 off of his chest very easily and struggles to his 6th rep. But it is really impressive and amazing to see a man lifting such a heavy weight off of his chest. The man is resting heavy weight on his chest and then powering it up like its nothing, with no issues at all. Hulk lifts a man off of his chest and the weigh of that man is 230. Just look at his body and muscles when he takes his shirt off. He looks really amazing and without fat. As time goes on the lifts more and more weight. Near the end Ct asks Hulk to share how he feels when he lifts such heavy weight and Ct himself motivates people through this video. Hulk says that he is blessed by God to be one of the strongest man of this planet.

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Ct is a trainer and he has posted so many videos on the internet to help you stay motivated in the gym. Ct has participated in many weightlifting competitions for almost 30 years and has won many prizes including 3 world “drug free” bench titles, 3 world Strict Curl titles. Now he is focusing on bodybuilding. One more thing i would like to share with you guys about Ct that he had a open heart surgery and he was suggested not to lift weight anymore, but he never looked back and kept on doing all this. Still he is lifting weight and motivating other people as well to do so. He is really an inspiration for the people working out in the gyms. His advices and tips can be used for fitness, bodybuilding and weightlifting.

The video editing is done by Brian Khou and the closing song is RSPN by Blank and Kytt. The music used in this video is Dubstep music.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you are impressed by this Superman and Da Hulk.

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